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Playing Kerrville Wine & Music Fest Labor Day weekend and Move to Chicago!!!

Hey Friends...

Wow... It has been a  busy summer. I hope it was good for all of you.

Kerrville was great in May/June. I played Old Songs Festival for the first time and that was AMAZING too! I taught at Cedar Run Song Workshop in Virginia, and was director of Music Ministry for SUUSI (a Unitarian Universalist Summer Program). That was great, as always.

Then at the end of July, Lynn and I moved to Evanston, IL. It is the first 'burb north of Chicago. Lynn begins a PhD program at Northwestern this fall and we are both excited for the change. The move was a ton of work, and we will be sorting out the mess for some time to come. But, we are in a great building, 1/2 block from Lake Michigan. I walk to the lake every morning I am home... and have a cup of tea and commune with nature. Beautiful.

As for the fall... It will also be busy. I begin with a performance at Kerrville Wine and Music Fest on the 30th of August. A two hour in-the-round set with Datry Bean and Butch Morgan! That will be fun. Then off to D.C. for various events. Up to NYC for a few performances (Madison Square Park!!!) with Pat Wictor, and then routing through Rochester, NY at Nazareth College. Off to Pittsburgh and Columbus... then home for a few days before I head out west and spend a week on the road with dear friend and Aussie- Iain Campbell Smith! He is in the states for a few weeks and I invited him to join me on tour. I am very much looking forward to our performance at Swallow Hill in Denver.

I am still packing for a flight that leaves in a few hours... so I will say farewell for now... but I will write more soon!

Thanks for all the support!

In Gratitude and Song...

Playing Kerrville Wine amp Music Fest Labor Day weekend and Move to Chicago

Jud Caswell made this image for me. It is a Joe Jencks South Park avatar.  :-)