Joe Jencks


from Weights & Wings


Last night I watched the moon disappear
Swallowed by a serpent in the sky
And in her darkest hour
I stood by her side
Knowing there was nothing I could do

    But watch her try
    To find her way back home
    So I stood by
    To guard her way back home

Clouded by the shadow of Mother Earth
The moon lost sight of lover
She wandered unknowing
Waiting for a sign
That hope would be recovered


Every now and then
Out of our control
Hope just fades away
Pin pricks in our soul

Silently in vigil I remain
Knowing what the moon has forgotten
That she will be reborn
That she will be set free
That she will rise resplendent


Growing Boulder
Darkness fades away
Shining brighter
Now than ever
Moon as light as day


By Joe Jencks
Turtle Bear Music/ ASCAP

updated: 10 months ago