Joe Jencks

Mighty Mighty River

Mighty Mighty River

A drop of water falls from the sky,
It’s got no say about where, when, or why.
Might wash the pharaoh, might start the flood,
might be the thing that’s thinner than blood.

Might be the tears of an angel, might be the bead of sweat
That betrays that one dark moment of regret,
Sanctify the sinner, sparkle in the sun.
But, in the end it’s the river you become.

    It’s a mighty mighty river rolling to the sea
    Ain’t no stopping you, Lord, ain’t no saving me.
    What I hold so tightly flows on just the same,
    But the mighty mighty river remains.

Those sons and daughters like rain from the sky,
The greatest hope of things that are born and die,
Might sit in a prison cell, might save a nation,
But in the end, it’s the river you become



By Greg Greenway
© Sheen of Heat Music / BMI