Joe Jencks

Mary Don't You Weep And Moan

She was born the daughter of a preacher
Ended up as a preacher’s wife
There was trouble in the middle, but it turned out right
Ain’t that the way, and they call it a life


Oh Mary don’t you weep and moan
Your cryin’ days are over, roll back the stone
No one understands all the troubles you’ve known
Mary don’t you weep and moan
Mary don’t you weep and moan

John went out into the desert
For forty days and nights he was under the sky
Devil tried to tempt him with every delight
John said, “Love and honey always get me by!”


God told Noah, “Build a mighty big boat,
Gather up the animals, make sure it floats
When the floodwater passes and the sun starts to shine
Look for the rainbow, that’s my sign.”


It’s hard to have hope when the thunder rolls
Shrouded up in all your fears
But there’s a Love that’s greater than the burdens we bear
So Mary wipe away your tears



By Joe Jencks
© Turtle Bear Music/ASCAP

updated: 3 years ago