Joe Jencks

Adonde Pertenezco 3:47

I was blessed to lead a day of songwriting workshops at East Wenatchee High School in Central Washington State in the heart of fruit growing country. I was working with a group of students who spoke little English and I speak almost no Spanish. But together we crafted this song. Their teacher helped them work the translation, and I provided the music. But, it is their ideas and their hearts present in this song. Don't we all ask some of these questions? Where do I belong? Where am I going? Who and what have I  left behind in the name of progress? Thank you Randy for the great experience and for your dedication to young people.

Where do I belong
Adonde pertenezco
Where do I come from
De donde vengo
Where will I go from here
Para donde iré de aquí, de aquí

I don't have anywhere to stay
No tengo donde quedarme
Going from town to town
yendo de pueblo a pueblo
To look for a better life
Para buscar un a vida mejor, vida mejor

We are looking for communities
Buscando comunidades
With better opportunities
Con mejores oportunidades
But who have we left behind
A quienes hemos dejado atrás, dejado atrás

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks