Joe Jencks

Come With Me 4:03

I nearly drowned in the Klamath River while on that retreat in California, I mentioned earlier. Luckily a benevolent woman named Jax answered my cry for help. But she did not rescue me per se. Rather, she treaded water and invited me to hold on to her while I caught my breath. Slowly the panic left my eyes and the color returned to my face. When I had recovered a bit, Jax said, "OK. Let's keep swimming." I was surprised. I thought she had come to save me. But what she did was even better. She supported me through a rough spot… gave me her strength, and allowed me to finish the crossing under my own power. She reminded me to take a deep breath, let go of the panic and keep on swimming. Thanks Jax! Here's to the many friends who journey beside us giving us courage, hope, and the chance to catch our breath.

I feel the current raging around me
Try to summon up my strength once more
I am weary on this journey
Afraid I will not reach that distant shore

I cry for help feel like I'm sinking
There is no one near me I can see
But there you are in the water with me
You take my hand and guide me graciously

Will you come with me on this journey
With every breath we take keep reaching for the dawn
I know alone that I will falter
But with a good friend near me I will carry on

There is a kindness in your smile
And gentleness within your speech
You reassure me your love surrounds me
And I know safety is at last within my reach

It's an illusion we carry with us
As we wade on through the waters of our lives
That we must be strong and hold our own here
But a helping hand will save us by and by

I know alone that I will falter
But with a good friend near me I will carry on

With a good friend near me I will carry on

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks