Joe Jencks

The Poet 4:25

Every once in a while, when you turn and say I love you,
I have to stop and wonder how I’ve come by love so rare.
You’ve touched my life so freely, you given of your soul,
yet I still feel so empty when I know I once was whole.

I’m so much more a man, than I ever was before.
And so much more a child, who has opened up the door
to a world that lies around me, the wonder of today.
Yet, lost in the confusion of all things that passed away.

I’m just another poet, still trapped within my rhyme.
A traveler on a journey out across all space and time.
Looking for the reasons why I do the things I do.
What it all comes round full circle, it brings me back to you.

I thank the Lord in heaven, each and every time I pray.
That I don’t have to win your love and I don’t have to pay.
And if the moon and stars above were mine to give away,
I give them all to you, to thank you for today.

Sometimes in the darkness when I hear you call my name,
when I’m frightened by my failures and there’s no one left to blame,
it’s then you pull me closer, you tell me you believe
in all the dreams I have inside, you say I’m everything you need.



Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music
© 1995 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music