Joe Jencks

Homeward Bound 2:36

Running for myself into the night.
On a journey from the dark into the light.
The path was once clear, now I’ve lost what was dear
and I find myself thinking of you.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye,
now you’re gone and all I can do is cry
for the things we once shared and the things we won’t do.
Now I find myself thinking of you.


Homeward bound to glory in the sky.
Now you’re free know your spirit can fly.
How are wish I could go back to where we were then,
when I find myself thinking of you.

It’s been a while since you left,
but I still feel the pain.
Like a never-ending shower of strong acid rain,
when I find myself thinking on you.

It wasn’t your choice, now this much I know.
But I can’t understand, why it was your time to go.



Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music
© 1995 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music