Joe Jencks

Mother of My Heart (3:49)

As the sun sets on the water

My thoughts return to you

From nearly halfway ’round the world

I look out across the blue

For you have been my guiding light

Even when we are apart

Your love illuminates my darkest night

Dear mother of my heart

Though I was born unto another

And she was fair and kind

Her time it came too quickly

When I’d just come into mine

But you picked up where she left off

And though the miles keep us apart

Still I can feel your warm embrace

Dear mother of my heart

Where she taught me to find my way

Through many toils and strife

It was you that taught me tenderness

And mercy in my life

No words can ever hold the depth

Still joined from miles apart

For you will always be to me

The mother of my heart

How I wish I could be with you

Just to sit and hold your hand

But know my love and prayers flow forth

Even from this distant land

You’ve given me the greatest gift

That a mother can impart

I have always known that I am loved

Dear mother of my heart

So fare you well, beloved

May divine light lead you home

Your pain is nearly over

And your spirit free to roam

And when the time for your last breath

Draws near, and you depart

Hold thoughts of me close to your breast

Dear mother of my heart

For you will always and ever be

The mother of my heart

In remembrance of Sharon Smith Hillberg, my cherished 2nd Mom.
© 2016 & 2022, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music ASCAP