Joe Jencks

Letter Home, 1914 (3:23)

Dear Jenny, I am so sorry I’m only writing today

But since my leaving I’ve been so lonely

I’ve found no words to say

My thoughts are only of Mary, I hope to hear from her soon

I only wish I’d more to bequeath, if I should never return

I hear, out in the trenches we’re drugged with whiskey and rum

If we were ever to come to our senses, we’d never carry a gun

Because of the drink, I hardly remember

Telling my loved ones goodbye

I only know, when I was sober, all I could do was cry

Dear sister, if I should ever come home, lose or win

I swear that I will never go soldiering again

I’ll save for a home, if Mary will have me

And God should give us the chance

But now they say after Christmas they’re sending us to France

Dear sister, may you be well and may all your years be blessed

My Mary is silent, please, if you see her

Then tell her I wish her the best

All that I have, I leave it to you, so keep this letter near

Your brother John, Company D

Inniskilling Fusiliers

Your dear brother John, Company D

Inniskilling Fusiliers
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