Joe Jencks

On Eireann’s Shore ( 5:07)

I have come here as a stranger

From across the sea I roam

I have come here as a prodigal child

Who is ready to come home

From the hills of Connemara

To the MacGillycuddy Reeks

Oh, this verdant land she calls to me

Ever softly does she speak

And I will give to her the song I sing

As so many times before

But the one who hold my truest heart

She lies far from Eireann’s shore

Oh they’re dancing down in Doolin

As the band begin to play

But my thoughts they are a wandering

To a place so far away

To a woman who is waiting

And I own my soul is torn

Between this country I would call my own

And the one where I was born

As I turn toward the Atlantic

At the setting of the sun

I would have her here beside me now

That our lives might be as one

All our days would know such beauty

And our sorrow be no more

And our love would find fulfillment here

As we stand on Eireann’s shore

And with hearts no longer torn apart

We would stand on Eireann’s shore

Hand in hand on Eireann’s shore

© 2007 & 2022, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music ASCAP