Joe Jencks

War On The Workers

During the time this song references, I was at music school in Decatur, IL (Millikin University) where the A.E. Staley corporate headquarters are located. Thanks to Anne for a compelling and authentic rendition of this story. Anne has a few different versions of this song. This was one of the earlier ones.

Deadly Corn, it's a war zone here today
Right in the heartland, but our union's here to stay
These multinational bastards don't use tanks and guns it's true
But they've declared a war on us, fight back it's up to you

Oh it's a war on the workers
A war on the workers
A war on the workers
And it's time we started calling the shots

Deadly Corn, Could be the death of you and me
But we're not unarmed, our weapon's solidarity
Each workday is a battle, toxic chemicals and smells
It was bad enough with Staley, but with Tate and Lyle it's hell

Deadly corn, workplace safety is just a joke
There's the dust, the BSS, Asbestos, fire and smoke
Jim Beals was murdered outright, poisoned by PO
But Tate & Lyle's philosophy's, "Die quickly or die slow"

They can lock us up, they can lock us out
We will not give in
No more lies, no compromise
We'll battle till we win

© 1993 Anne Feeney, Super 88 Records (BMI)