Joe Jencks

We Won

Thanks to John for a fabulous and well crafted celebration of some of labor's victories!

Deep in the heart of the Salinas Valley
We won we won we won
Stood in the picket and joined in the rally
We won we won we won
They had the power and the politicians
We won we won we won
But we had the people and we had the mission

Everybody come and join in the union
Begin begin begin
Stand together to overcome soon and
We win we win we win!

We won our contract at Farra Clothing
It was a battle of fear and loathing
Thay had the power and they had the riches
But we got the union label inside their britches

We won our union at Yale University
We stood in the face of fear and adversity
They had the power of an Ivy League college
They had the books but we had the knowledge

© 1994 John O'Connor