Joe Jencks

Given Myself To Love

from Poets, Philosophers, Workers, & Wanderers

I’ve given myself to flights of fancy

To see what’s around the next bend

I’ve given myself to things that are broken

To put them together again

I’ve given up hope and I’ve given my best

It all depends on the day

I’ve given up so many things that I wanted

And still the sun rises each day


Some measure life by their losses and gains

For them, there is never enough

But I measure life by the hearts I have known

For I’ve given myself to love

I’ve given the money I had my pocket

To someone in obvious need

I’ve given myself to the kindness of strangers

And I’ve given thanks for good deeds

I’ve given solace and I’ve given comfort

I’ve given a hand to a friend

I’ve given myself to the things I believe

Though sometimes I don’t know to what end

Some people say that they have no regrets

Life’s just a roll of the dice

But I say if you live life paying attention

You see that each choice has a price

I’ve given some people more than they bargained

And others still cause for concern

I’ve given myself to the fire of passion

And I have been willingly burned

Just when it seems that the story is over

And all that remains is goodbye

There is one thing of which you can be certain

I’ll always give love one more try

Yes I measure life by the hearts I have known

For I’ve given myself to love

© 2015, 2017 – Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP

updated: 5 years ago