Joe Jencks


An untarnished beauty

In a world full of scorn

Through the briars and brambles

You’re a rose without thorns

With a smile full of sunrise

And eyes oh so fair

And a kindness of heart      

Both precious and rare

The lights are down low

As the band starts to play

You have been waiting

All week for today

It’s Saturday night

And you’re out on the town

You’ve come here to dance

In your favorite red gown


Alice-Anne, Alice-Anne

The light from the moon shines wherever you stand

Hold my hand, hold my hand

May I have this dance, Alice-Anne

Like the sun that shines through

On a dark cloudy day

When you take the floor

Every head turns your way

You’re sweeter than all of

The finest of wines

You are the reason why

Poets write lines

Through the cold days of the winter

And on into the spring

Just thinking about you

Can make a heart sing

Past the long days of summer

As leaves start to fall

You live for the music

And the Barn-Dancers call

May I have this dance

Won’t you give me a chance

May I have this dance Alice-Anne
© 2011, 2017 - Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP