Joe Jencks

Let Me Sing You A Song

You’ve asked me here to tell you

About my neighbors and my friends

To talk about the who and what

The where and how and when

But I won’t give you anything

You don’t already know

But if you’d like I’ll sing that list of

Songs before I go


Let me sing you a song

About the people that I love

The poets and philosophers

The workers and the wanderers

The ones who walk the picket lines

Who dare to stand and fight

And the ones who hold their babies close

And rock them through the night

Now you say it’s un-American

To do the things I do

Well I sing for justice, liberty

And Civil Rights it’s true

But I say it’s un-American

To ask me how I vote

How I pray or what I believe

But here’s a song I wrote

If you want to send me to prison

I guess that’s the way it’ll be

‘Cause I won’t give you fodder

For your paranoid machine

If the price of my silence is shackles

Well then fellas, take me away

For I will live to sing again

And rise with a brand new day

© 2014, 2017 - Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP