Joe Jencks

For The Singing

This song was a gift from God.  I channeled it in about 20 minutes while I was half asleep.  I think it was God telling me some things I really needed to hear, and doing it in the only sure fire way to get me to listen to anything. Put it to music.  Years later, I feel like I am finally growing into the song.  For all my fellow songsters, do it for the singing!

As I was walking down the only road I knew
I came upon a place where one road turned to two
I took the one that seemed less worn I did the best I could
'Til I happened on a wise man all alone out in the wood

He looked at me a moment, He looked up at the sky
He turned as if about to speak but all he did was sigh
So I ventured forth the question I said "Surely you must know
Will the road that I now travel take me where I want to go?"
And he said:

"Do it for the power and you'll surely be a slave
Do it for the glory and you'll find an early grave
Do it for the laughter and you'll surely find your smile
Do it for the singing and you've gone the extra mile."

I still had some questions I thought would clear the air
I turned around to ask and found he was no longer there
I thought maybe this was God I saw as I got down on my knees
But soon enough I heard my answer in the wind blowing through the trees


Many moons have come and gone, now and then I go astray
But I come back to the path 'cause for me it's the only way
Well I do not have much money but I find I have more time
To seek the answers that I need in the eyes of those I find
And they say:

© 1995, 2003 Joe Jencks