Joe Jencks


I was filed with grief over moving back east from Seattle, WA.  This song honors my sense of loss, but especially my tremendous sorrow at being so far away from my dear friend and brother of my heart, Brad Warren.

You have been a true friend I can say
You've given me the courage to get through so many days
Now the time has come for us to part
And I won't hide this aching in my heart

Because I'm leaving, leaving
And I don't really want to go
Yes I'm leaving, leaving
But a part of you remains within my soul

You helped me find a quiet sacred place
To stand within my deepest fears and learn to live with grace
And you know I never would have come this far
Without our friendship guiding like a star


I've never had to prove a thing to you
Well I could cry when I was hurt and laugh when I was through
And you never thought me any less a man
For needing now and then to hold your hand


Thank you for your gentle, kind embrace
For living with an open heart and a smile upon your face
Though we'll be friends forever, you and I
I find that I am scared to say goodbye
© 2001, 2003 Joe Jencks