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New Website

New Website

Joe Jencks, Helena Nash & Iain Campbell Smith on the main stage at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, July 2007. Please note the broken string hanging down from the guitar, and the fearless troubadour who waged on cheerfully through it all. Photo by Cheryl Kagan.

Howdy all...

Welcome to JOE JENCKS dot COM. This is a new web site. Please be patient for the next few weeks while we are under construction. It is presently 3:00 AM and Lynn & I are trying to get out of town to go on a much needed rest and writing retreat. Camping along the Michigan coast! Looking for cooler weather. It got to 101 degreees in Cincinnati today. Here's hoping a little breeze off of Lake Michigan will be just the ticket to spawn creativity and de-compression.

De-compression from what you ask?

Well, first and foremost, I have a brand new CD "The Candle And The Flame" which I just released at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival at the end of July! The CD totally ROCKS!!!. I had a great deal of help assembling this one from an amazing team of engineers and musicians... several of whom have won grammys for their past work. Nice to have that kind fo talent and skill and thoughtfulness on a project.

Guests include:
Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenters pianist) on keyboards
Pat Wictor on slide guitars
Siobhan Quinn on backing vocals
Jim Robeson on electric bass
Charlie Pilzer on upright bass
Bob Beach on harmonica
Charlie Bernhardt on vocals
The Jencks Family on vocals

I will get proper links up here when I get back from vacation, so you all can surf easily to their respective web sites and check out their stuff.

In addition to all this, I was part of the Emerging Artist Showcase at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival a few weeks ago. It was a great experience. In spite of some adversity (busted a string in the first 35 seconds I was on stage and had no time to replace it) I gave a GREAT performance... and had a great time. That's what counts!

And, there is a new performing partnership that is evolving between myself and Helena Nash (of Butterfly Sky). This project is fun. I have been on the road full time as a solo artist for seven years. i look forward to sharing the road and the stage with Helena, who is a MARVELOUS singer... and seeing where our respective creativity take us.

And... of course if you are reading this you have noticed that there is a new site. Please be patient and stay tuned as this will be a really cool place one I get all moved in... so to speak. You have caught me on moving week to carry the metaphore forward. So do come back and stay for a while once all the boxes have been unpacked!

I am really silly for want of sleep... so I will sign off for now. Please check back frequently as the new site will have regular up-dates and new pics, news etc. Thanks to Slab Media for the great job in a super hurry!

And thanks to all of you for all the kind support!

In Peace & Song...