Joe Jencks


Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Just a quick note to say Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

No it is not about the green beer. But if you must...

It's about knowing that our ancestors are still among us. It's about learning our own history so that we can pass it on. It is about honoring traditions (even green beer) if that is what helps us feel close to our kin and our roots.

I myself am having some Irish Soda Bread, Stout, and Irish Cheddar, for starters. Then we are having a noodle stir-fry. (I am serving dinner to some Vegetarians, and there is just not a lot of Irish food geared toward vegans.)

Anyway, thought I would share the words to an old Irish Blessing my brother John set to music years ago...

May the Saints and the Angels guard you
In the hour of stress and strife
May the Mother of God be with you
Every moment of your life
May the light of heaven shine o'er you
When the road is high or low
And may the Blessings of God be with you
Wherever on Earth you go

Eireann Go Bragh!

Slainte Mhaith!