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On The Road Again

On The Road Again

A Rook (Corvus frugilegus) at the Cliffs of Moher - Copyright - Joe Jencks - 2018

Dear Friends, Fans, and Fellow Travelers,

Happy New Year!

I hope this finds you well. The year is off to an odd start civically, but personally – I hope a spirit of renewed possibility is upon you, and that optimism is your companion. And, in the face of the unknown and the absurd, I think the best thing we can do is to keep gathering in community and continue to celebrate the joy of music and the enduring goodness of each other!

As we honor the passing of an American genius of word, wit and spirit, Mary Oliver, I think about other artists and poets whose ideas have changed my life.

Utah Phillips said, “The best weapon in American politics is a long memory.” I think he meant a great many things when he said that. But based on conversations I had with Utah over several years, part of what he was expressing is that we have an enduring spirit. And we have survived many difficulties and challenges over many generations and hard times. We have lived and worked and sung through those hard times, and we are still here. The people remain and thrive. The spirit of who we are thrives! And the naysayers will all fade away. It’s about having a long memory not just to remember the past challenges, but also to remember the past victories and draw strength from them. If we remember the power of the people to gently and pervasively wait out the reactionaries of the day, we will emerge in beauty.

May it be so!

I am told that the weather is going to be less frightful this weekend than was first predicted in the NE and as such, I am excited to be performing this weekend in New England:

Friday Jan. 18th in West Roxbury, MA – Music On Centre (Guest Mari Black on fiddle)

Saturday Jan. 19th in Rockport, MA – Old Sloop Coffee House (Lisa Bastoni opens)

Sunday Jan. 20th in Rockport, MA – First Congregational Church

Additional shows next weekend include concerts in IL & WI, with special guest Heather Styka joining me for three engagements:

Friday Jan. 25th in Rockford, IL – Just Goods Listening Room at Emanuel Lutheran

Saturday Jan. 26th in Mequon, WI – The Wisconsin Singer Songwriter Series

Sunday Jan. 27th in Shawano, WI – Cotter Creek Concerts

And Friday February 1st (Shhhhh… my birthday!) I will be performing a special concert in Indianapolis, IN

Friday Feb. 1st in the Carriage House at The Propyleaum (Flying Cat Music)

A HUGE thanks to all the Folk DJs who are keeping indie and acoustic music alive on the airwaves! I am honored to report that I was listed as the #7 Artist for the whole of 2018 on the Folk DJ Chart. As the 7th child in my family I am used to #7. I am happy there. And when you consider who was #1 through #6 on the Folk DJ list, I am doubly honored.

#7 Joe Jencks

#6 Bob Dylan

#5 Eliza Gilkyson

#4 Joan Baez

#3 John Gorka

#2 John Prine

#1 John McCutcheon

A full schedule of events can be found on the tour page.

Thanks for your support and for keeping the faith in so many ways! The spirit of goodness will prevail. So keep on loving, keep on being kind, keep sharing joy, keep believing in hope, keep gathering and keep singing!

In Gratitude & Song,

-Joe Jencks

PS - LOVED this Rook (Corvus frugilegus) I met last fall in Ireland. Crafty bird. :-)