Joe Jencks

Sad (4:46)

    Well I'm Sad, so sad
    And I'm tired, so tired
    Well I'm hungry, so hungry
    There's a hole in my soul
    And it swallows me up
    And pulls me into the darkness
    There's a hole in the center of me
    There's a hole in the center of me

Well I've never been one to sing about my troubles
I figure most of the world Has enough of their own
But now and then I think That when we sing about our truth
Maybe we light up a pathway For somebody else


Sometimes I wonder When the whole world is quiet
When there's nothing to hear But the sound of my breath
Why there's so many people With so many hurts
And none of us really knows Quite how to love


Now I like to dream Of a time when I'm happy
When I don't feel the sting of each Pain in my bones
But then I reflect That the day I stop feeling
Is the day that they lay me Flat down in the earth


There's a hole in the center of me
By Joe Jencks
© Turtle Bear Music / ASCAP