Joe Jencks

Shine  3:47

In loving memory of Jerry Jencks

When I left Chicago
There were storm clouds above
I headed for the City of Brotherly Love
Ain't no time for misery
And there ain' no time for pain
Just the humming of the engine
And the music running through my veins

You know we got to
Shine, shine, shine, shine that light
Can't keep it buried deep within
Gonna need it on the darkest night
Don't you know we've got to
Shine, shine, shine, shine that light

My brother heard the calling of the highway
Dancing in his head
You know he died way too young
But I remember what he said
Sometimes you throw the dice
And you just gotta take your lot
But you hold on to the things you love
And you give 'em everything you got

Everybody has a reason
That will make them fight the good fight
Something they were born to give
That will make everything alright
© Joe Jencks (Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP)