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Concerts in the New Era... and a Tribute to John Prine

Concerts in the New Era and a Tribute to John Prine

Joe has been making some refrigerator pickles during Quarantime. Recipe in the NEWS section of this site. YUM!

Dear Friends,

As I look out the window at the first sun we have seen in northern Illinois in a few days, I find that I am grateful for the arrival of spring this year. Grateful in ways I have not been since I lived in Seattle, and could go 40-50 days in the winter without seeing the sun. I need the hope of sunlight. And I need the metaphor of the brighter future that it implies.

I am keenly aware of the immensity of suffering in the world at present, and wishing I could do more to alleviate the deep sense of loss so many of us feel as we grieve friends or family who have passed. We grow overwhelmed as we try to comprehend the global magnitude of the pandemic, and wonder what this will mean for our individual and collective future. Each day is a new step in that journey. Each day there is something more to be grateful for, and each day there is something that causes more sadness. And each day we begin again, to do our best and give what we are able.

To that end, I have been in Technology Boot Camp for three weeks in my home studio. And victoriously, I announce that I am finally ready to offer quality Live-Stream performances for the community. I can’t solve the problems of the world, but I can keep loving the world deeply through my music and performances.

I have three, publicly accessible Live-Stream events in the month of May. All are by donation. We are all reassessing our resources and how we use and share them wisely. And I want anyone who is interested, to be able to watch these performances regardless of any current economic challenges. Hope and beauty remain powerful allies. I give what I can freely.

All three of these performances will be streamed through my new YouTube channel
Joe Jencks Music Official.

PLEASE SUBSRIBE to the Joe Jencks Music Official channel. It is free. Many people have asked if they could do something to help me out. Presently the quickest and most helpful single step is to subscribe to the channel. YouTube offers different tools to artists and musicians, based on the number of subscribers we have. I just started a new channel this week and have over 200 subscribers. When I cross over 1000 subscribers I will get access to more nuanced creative capacity. I am hoping this newsletter will lift it over that mark.

I will post new videos and content on the channel over the coming weeks. Here is a song I posted today I invite you to listen. Love Will Guide My Way Link:

And, please join me for any or all three of the upcoming Live-Stream concerts. A donation button will be listed. Give as you are able, and receive as my gift to you.

May 9 at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 Pacific, I will be presenting a concert in partnership with Focus Music in the DC area. I was scheduled to be performing for them live on May 9. And so I shall.

May 15 at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM Pacific, I will be presenting in partnership with Acoustic StayAway Concerts - The Folk Project in New Jersey.

May 23 at 8:00 PM CT / 6:00 PM Pacific, I will be presenting a special Solidarity Concert in partnership with MayWorks! Winnipeg, MB Canada. MayWorks! is an amazing organization dedicated to the history, and future of workers everywhere.

You may also read an essay I wrote about John Prine via the NEWS tab on my homepage
Live-Stream concert listings and updates can be found in the TOUR DATES tab on this website.

My you be well, and may you find comfort in music and community, wherever we may be!

In Gratitude and Song,

Joe Jencks