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10-26-07.1 Off to Dublin and more...

1026071 Off to Dublin and more
Howdy All...

Ireland is great. Expensive but great! We left Connemara on the 24th and went to Knappogue Castle for dinner, then on to Limerick. To the right is a picture of our last sunset in the Connemara region. It was a cool but magical night. A bit like a cross between northen Michigan and the barren hills of eastern Montana. Lots of sheep and peat bogs. Sounds more like Montana after all.

The tour group left us on the 25th, and My Kerrville Folk Fest friend Melanie and I are traveling together for a few days. We arrived in Dublin this afternoon. It has been raining cats and dogs all day.

Speaking of dogs, we stayed last night in Galway, in the home of my new friend Aileen. She has an AMAZING dog named Bailey! That is the next picture.
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Below that, is a picture of a small fishing boat in a small inlet off of Galway Bay.
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Below that is a cool old celtic cross in the church graveyeard of that same town.
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I am learning how to drive on the other side of the road. I am not sure if it is easier or harder for me in consideration of the fact that I log about 35K miles a year in North America. On the one hand, any vehicle is sort of second nature. On the other hand... They all drive on the WRONG side here. Not wrong really... but DIFFERENT to be sure.

Anyway... I just wanted to get a few more pics up and say HI!

Love & Peace to All...